Book Boxes

Looking for the perfect gift for a child?

Want to encourage a youngster in your life to read, but aren’t sure what books might be right for their age?

Let our expert booksellers take the guesswork out of shopping for you with our wrapped & ready, age-appropriate Right Reader Book Boxes!

Each box includes a few high-quality books, curated with care by our expert children’s booksellers to perfectly correspond to every age and stage. They also include bonus goodies like activity sheets, stickers, and bookmarks!


The Right Reader Boxes: $28 + shipping

Age 0-1 (Baby Box): Includes books chosen for the littlest listeners and learners! May include board books, cloth books, and/or other goodies for baby.

Age 2-3 (Toddler Box): The best books for those toddling tots! May include board books and picture books with simple language, as well as fun extras.

Age 4-5 (Get Ready to Read Box): Picture books, activity sheets, and other age-appropriate toys and goodies may be included.

Age 6-7 (Chapter Books Box): Ready or not, here come the chapters! This box may include beginning chapter books, leveled readers, and other bonus goodies for this age group.

Age 8-9 (Middle Readers Box): From classic tales to new favorites, these books are chock-full of imagination and adventure! You might also find bonus items that relate to the stories!

Age 10-11 (Advanced Middle Readers Box): Books perfect for those kids that are ready for stories with a bit more substance, with a few surprises thrown in!

Age 12-13 (Tween Box): Books for the not-quite-teen set. May include Young Adult titles appropriate to a slightly younger age group and/or advanced Middle Readers.

Age 14+ (Young Adult Box): They grow up so fast, don’t they? This box may include contemporary Young Adult titles and time-honored favorites that belong in every collection, along with fun bookish extras.



Brand-New Baby Box: $40 + shipping

Everything you’ll get with our 0-1 Baby Box and then some! This special box contains books chosen lovingly for brand-new babies— with a bonus surprise thrown in for the parents! Past boxes have included board books, cloth books, and Mother Goose or nursery rhyme treasuries.  A wonderful baby shower gift!




What is in a Book Box?
We try to include a mix of beloved classic books and new favorites. Each box will include at least two books and assorted goodies like toys, sticker sheets, and activity pages.

How do you choose books that will be the right reading level for each age group?
We choose books that are geared toward the average reading level for that age, or are slightly above it. We find it’s best to aim a little high, so the kids will have room to grow with the books! However, every child is different. Reading ability varies widely within each age category, so there’s no such thing as the perfect book for every kid. If the recipient is not happy with the books they receive, we are glad to offer an exchange!

Can I choose what titles are included in the box?
The titles are selected by our booksellers, and the boxes are pre-wrapped. Unfortunately we cannot make any changes or substitutions to the boxes at this time.

What if the child who receives the box already has one of the titles?
If for any reason the recipient wishes to exchange a book, they are welcome to return the entire box or an individual title to us, and we will gladly exchange it for another selection.  We ask that the book be returned to us within 3 weeks of the day they received it. Returns can be made for store credit only.

Is this a subscription service?
Book Boxes are one-time purchases. We will not charge your card again unless you order another book or item.

Can I include a personalized message?
Yes! Your wrapped Book Box will include a card, where we will happily print your 1-3 sentence personalized message.

What are my shipping options?

If you would like your book shipped, please call us at (503) 472-7786 for a shipping quote and estimated time.

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