For Authors


We are HIRING for a bookseller! Please visit our employment page here for more information and an application.

So you wrote a book? That's awesome! Give yourself a high five.

So you want us to carry your book in our store? Unfortunately, we just don't have the space to carry everything, so we've made a few adjustments to our policies.

  • We no longer purchase books directly from authors, but will take them on consignment.
  • We are unable to accept every book and will need to review a copy of yours to determine whether it is a good fit for us. Delivery and retrieval of said review copy are the author's responsibility.
  • We will only consider titles by authors from and currently living in Yamhill County or books with a STRONG Oregon interest.
  • We will no longer keep books on the shelf for an unspecified amount of time. If your book is not selling, it will be pulled from the sales floor and its retrieval will be up to you.
  • We will communicate with you at regularly specified intervals to update you on the status of your book and its sales. Please don't call or stop by to check on the status of your book as the staff probably won't have access to the information you seek. Instead, e-mail us.

You'll find our complete consignment policy at the link below. Please take the time to read it over and include the completed copy with your review copy. (The first page is yours to keep.)

Thank you for your interest in working with Third Street Books.