The Ladies Rewrite the Rules (Paperback)


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From the author of Mr. Malcolm's List comes a delightful romantic comedy set in Regency England about a widow who takes high society by storm.

Diana Boyle, a wealthy young widow, has no desire to ever marry again. Particularly not to someone who merely wants her for her fortune. 

So when she discovers that she’s listed in a directory of rich, single women she is furious, and rightly so. She confronts Maxwell Dean, the man who published the Bachelor’s Directory, and is horrified to find he is far more attractive than his actions have led her to expect. However, Diana is unmoved by Max’s explanation that he authored the list to assist younger sons like himself who cannot afford to marry unless it’s to a woman of means. 

She gathers the ladies in the directory together to inform them of its existence, so they may circumvent fortune hunters’ efforts to trick them into marriage. Though outraged, the women decide to embrace their unique position of power and reverse the usual gender roles by making the men dance to their tune. And together…the ladies rewrite the rules.

About the Author

Suzanne Allain is a screenwriter who lived in New York and Beijing before returning to her hometown of Tallahassee, Florida, where she lives with her husband.

Praise For…

"Joyful, warm and witty, this is a delight of a book. The Ladies Rewrite the Rules rewrites the ‘rules’ in a delightfully effervescent way.” 
All About Romance

"Allain adds warmth and the power of female friendships to the appeal of Jane Austen’s courtships for a charming Regency romance... A delectable escape."
Historical Novel Society

"A compelling, character-driven historical romance... This audio will appeal to listeners seeking a charming Regency romance about independent, intelligent women and the friendships they forge."
Library Journal, on The Ladies Rewrite the Rules audiobook

“A fun, light-hearted Regency romp about changing society from the inside.”

“Allain’s Regency romance engagingly features wronged women who empower each other to take control of their love lives. The power-play dynamics between Diana and Max offer enjoyable fun.”
Library Journal

"[I]nnovative... The novel’s true strength lies in the friendship between the bold heroines. These engaging women will appeal to fans of Mimi Matthews and Julie Klassen."
Publishers Weekly

"Strong women come together to redefine the ‘rules’ of courtship, marriage, and society... Get this one on your TBR now!"
The Lit Bitch

Praise for the novels of Suzanne Allain

“This witty Austen-esque a sparkling twist on the Regency-era ballroom scenes and misunderstandings that litter historical romance....Allain’s writing is wry and delightful, borrowing skillfully from Austen’s distinctive use of free indirect speech. The book is bursting with witty asides and droll commentary, a tongue-in-cheek discourse designed to have us both laughing with and at the cast of characters. Allain nails the style she’s paying tribute to and the novel is an imminently readable diversion....It’s an amuse-bouche of a story that delights and tantalizes.”
Entertainment Weekly

“Suzanne Allain delivers a fresh, spirited take on the classic Regency romp. Mr. Malcolm's List is a delightful tale that perfectly illustrates the enduring appeal of the Regency romance.  It's all here—the fast, witty banter, the elegant ballrooms, the quirky characters, the charming, strong-willed heroine and the dashing hero who has a thing or two to learn about love.”
Amanda Quick, New York Times bestselling author

“A merry romp! Mr. Malcolm’s List is packed with action as one tangled romantic misunderstanding follows fast upon another’s heels—to hilarious effect.”
—Mary Balogh, New York Times bestselling author

“Suzanne Allain is a fresh new voice in historical romance. Mr. Malcolm’s List is a charming, light-hearted confection, with humor, sparkling banter and gently simmering romantic tension; in other words, classic Regency romance.”
—Anne Gracie, National Bestselling Author

"This book is sheer perfection. An adorable, hysterical comedy of manners.”
The Romance Dish

“This is an insightful novel of manners... Jane Austen’s influence is readily apparent in language usage, character conduct, and, most importantly, the subtle wit and irony that provide so much entertainment.”
—Historical Novel Society

“Allain’s characters are witty and appealing, and the sizzle between Jeremy and Selina is convincing. This effervescent love story is a charmer.”
Publishers Weekly

Miss Lattimore's Letter is an entertaining romp through historical London, with plenty of romance, humor, and banter that make this a worthwhile read.”
Romance Junkies

“A cheeky look at the different expectations placed on men versus women during the Regency Era, revealing the limitations society accords individuals in terms of their family connections and personal wealth and education. Both general fiction readers and romance fans looking for a story that will transport them to another time and place, seeking new fictional friends, or hoping to watch characters grow more self-aware and compassionate will revel in this smart love story.”
Booklist (Starred Review)

“Hilarious and fast-paced, Mr. Malcolm's List is a bright and refreshing Regency romp.”
—Shelf Awareness

“It was witty, hilarious, and contained a cast of upbeat, brooding, and feisty characters that all graced the page with subtle Pride and Prejudice undertones. I loved it!”
—The Nerd Daily

Product Details
ISBN: 9780593549643
ISBN-10: 0593549643
Publisher: Berkley
Publication Date: January 9th, 2024
Pages: 272
Language: English