Hunter (Compact Disc)

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By Nicole Conway, Josh Hurley (Read by)
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As the Kingdom of Maldobar emerges victorious from the brutal invasion of the Tibran Empire, much of the land is left in utter ruin. With his home destroyed and family gone, sixteen-year-old Thatcher Renley has no one left to turn to. And when he's mistaken for a Tibran soldier and banished to a wartime prison camp, Thatcher knows his only hope for freedom lies in appealing to Queen Jenna directly.But getting out of the prison camp might be the least of his worries--especially after he stumbles across a feral dragon locked in an iron cell.As far as dragons go, Fornax is a lost cause. The battle that killed his rider also left him blind and too aggressive for any knight to control. But Thatcher can't deny feeling drawn to the beast. Does he have what it takes to calm Fornax and join the proud ranks of Maldobar's dragonriders? Only time will tell. And with a bloodthirsty Tibran witch threatening to rekindle the chaos of war, everyone's time may be running out.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781662049606
ISBN-10: 1662049609
Publisher: Dreamscape Media
Publication Date: December 8th, 2020
Language: English