Yield: The Titanium Trilogy: Book 1 (Paperback)

Yield: The Titanium Trilogy: Book 1 By Kirsty Bright Cover Image
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We Must Evolve If We Want To Survive

The world as we know it is ending. The Farm offers children protection from the destruction but there's a price to be paid for their safety. Once inside the gates, the children undergo an extreme transformation, turning them into the most ruthless of weapons.

Hybrids: part human, part animal.

Ares is unlike the rest. Waking fourteen years after the experiment, he shies away from danger, fears hurting others, and resists the training program intended to help him get used to his new abilities - or kill him.

But The Farm is hiding secrets, and if Ares is going to survive he'll have to surrender all that he believes in and everyone he cares about in order to discover the truth.

Would you sacrifice your humanity to save the ones you love?

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ISBN: 9781739997809
ISBN-10: 1739997808
Publisher: Untuned Publishings Ltd
Publication Date: August 5th, 2022
Pages: 392
Language: English