Shikoku: Wisdom for the Wayfarer (Paperback)


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Yvonne Corpuz was a global leader with a renowned firm headquartered in Japan when an unexpected turn in her career left her aspirations in disarray. Seeking respite, she embarked on the historic Shikoku pilgrimage, a 1,400-kilometre journey, with cherished companions Mayumi and Katsuji. Navigating the ancient route around the perimeter of Shikoku, Japan's most mysterious island, they visited its eighty-eight temples on a rigorous eight-day drive. As Yvonne immersed herself in exploring breathtaking landscapes, revered traditions and age-old customs, what commenced as a sojourn to escape life's disappointments blossomed into a profound journey of the heart, guiding her on the transformative path towards inner serenity and renewal.

Shikoku is a compelling account that blends the essence of pilgrimage, the beauty of self-discovery and the enduring allure of Japan's people, culture and heritage. The result is an unforgettable spiritual travelogue that captures the heart and the imagination of the seeker and traveller in us all.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781916797079
ISBN-10: 1916797075
Publisher: Whitefox Publishing Ltd
Publication Date: April 25th, 2024
Pages: 282
Language: English