A Dagger in the Winds (Hardcover)

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A rejected son with a hidden darkness.

A forgotten sorceress with a goddess's blessing.

Forced apart for years, together, can they save their tribe from eternal winter?

Four years after Waclaw's father tore him away from his best friend, Otylia, he dreams of belonging and purpose. Except he's never actually dreamed. Each night, his soul leaves his body and wanders the world, free from his father's scorn. He'd do anything to know why.

Even surrender to Marzanna-goddess of winter and death.

Otylia has never forgiven Waclaw for abandoning her. As a priestess of the wild spring goddess, she believes she doesn't need him anyway. But when Otylia receives visions showing Waclaw wielding storms and bearing Marzanna's Frostmark on what should be the last day of winter, she realizes the horrific truth.

Waclaw is a demon, and he's her only hope of stopping Marzanna's wrath.

On the journey that follows, Waclaw and Otylia must face menacing beasts, cursed forests, and their scarred pasts. Life tore them apart. In the face of death, can they rekindle the connection they lost?

Enter a new world rooted in Slavic mythology and folklore that's full of powerful gods, terrifying spirits and creatures, rampaging warlords, and plenty of secrets to uncover.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781954985001
ISBN-10: 1954985002
Publisher: Eight-One-Five Publishing
Publication Date: June 11th, 2021
Pages: 478
Language: English