We Buy Used Books!


We are HIRING for a bookseller! Please visit our employment page here for more information and an application.

Third Street Books accepts gently used paperback books for in-store credit during regular business hours. Each customer/household is limited to two grocery-sized bags or one small/medium box at a time. 


How It Works

We buy used books in very good condition and in paperback only (Exceptions are extremely rare and are limited to recent cookbooks and children’s picture books.) At the time of drop-off, we'll take your name and phone number.

We will perform a cursory sort at intake. If there are books that we choose not to pass to our buyer for reasons of condition, subject matter, binding, etc., we cannot take them as “donations” or be responsible for their disposal. You will need to take them with you when you leave, but we are happy to recommend some places where you might be able to donate them.

We aim to process used books within a week of drop-off, but it may take longer.

Once we've processed your books, we'll contact you to let you know how much credit we will be adding to your account. Our payout to you is based on our selling price (not the book’s original cover price). We generally offer 30% of our selling price in store credit. We no longer offer cash for used books.

If there are books we can’t use, we can hold them for you to pick up or we can donate them to benefit YCAP. Rejected books that you would like back must be picked up within ONE WEEK of the date we call you. Books (or bags) that are not picked up within this timeframe will be donated.


What We're Not Interested In

We cannot accept the following:

  • Hardcover books
  • Textbooks
  • Magazines and periodicals
  • Digests
  • Books on tape or CD
  • "Collector’s editions”
  • Rare or antiquarian books
  • Reader’s Digest or other “club” books
  • Dated books
  • Books that are heavily worn, creased, have been written in, are dog eared, or are falling apart.

Use your best judgment—if you wouldn’t buy it at a reasonable price, chances are we won’t take it. We may also pass on a book if we already have a used copy on the shelf.